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Save Time & Money with body shop alternative! We repair large and small dents, door dings, creases, and hail damage!

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Our ARC Certified Master PDR Technicians have decades of experience using PDR to repair dent damage on thousands of new, preowned and service vehicles. Call 970-966-5105 or text 765-524-6007!

What is Paintless Dent Repair (PDR)? Paintless Dent Repair (PDR) is a metalworking technique involving patiently massaging out vehicle dents, performed by a skilled technician using specialized tools. PDR is the insurance-preferred method for repairing dents and is a faster and more cost-effective solution than conventional autobody shop repairs. Paintless dent repair maintains your vehicle’s value, factory finish and structural integrity.

Paintless dent repair involves applying precise pressure to the backside of the dent, using a series of specialized tools that vary depending on the size and location of the dent. Our technicians rely on industry-specific enclosed LED or fluorescent lighting to pinpoint the best position to massage out the dent, slowly applying pressure to the outside and working inward until the metal returns to its original shape.

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Repair Vehicle Dents & Dings with PDR from Pro Dent Hail Center

This metalworking technique can be used to repair dents of varying sizes and locations on a vehicle, including door dings, creased dents, hail damage, larger dents, bodyline damage and more. If the factory finish (paint finish) of your car has not been cracked or damaged, PDR can most likely repair your dent. However, if the paint finish has been damaged, then your vehicle is not a candidate for PDR.

In the past, claims adjusters have recommended replacement parts for supposedly unrepairable dents, damage that ended up being repaired by PDR methods. This is why vehicle owners should rely on Pro Dent Hail Center for a free evaluation to determine if our paintless dent repair technicians can repair your damage. Once again, PDR is preferred by insurance companies since it yields faster results for a fraction of the cost, not to mention that it won’t diminish your vehicle’s value.

Conventional repairs completed by autobody shops “repair” dents by grinding and sanding away the existing paint before using a body filler to fill in the dented area. Once that’s done, the location is painted with multiple layers of the closest color match available, which is not always an exact match. This cosmetic solution repaires only the dent’s appearance, not the underlying structural issues. For that reason, conventional repairs end up on your CARFAX report, decreasing the value of your vehicle by hundreds or even thousands of dollars.

So opt for PDR first – for all your vehicle’s dents, dings and hail damage. Paintless Dent Repair from Pro Dent Hail Center is the Fort Collins PDR solution for dented and hail damaged vehicles.

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Whether a hail storm damaged your vehicle or a minor fender bender left a large dent in your vehicle, trust our specialists at Pro Dent Hail Center for expert paintless dent removal from the inside out. Save time and money with the body shop alternative!

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