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Our ARC Certified Master Hail Repair Technicians have repaired thousands of new, preowned and service vehicles with hail damage! Call 970-966-5105 or text 765-524-6007!

Did you know? Colorado ranks second for highest hailstorm insurance claims in the United States according to a national three-year analysis released in 2019.

From pea and marble-sized hail to almost baseball-sized, hail is an unfortunate common occurrence here in the great state of Colorado. Hailstorms can result in varying levels of costly damage to the roof, hood and trunk of your vehicle.

More often than not, hailstorms leave behind dents in the metal exterior without cracking the high-quality paint finish. If the factory finish has not been broken, paintless dent repair (PDR) is likely your fastest and most cost-effective solution. In fact, most insurance companies will accept and actually recommend PDR for vehicle hail dent repair as opposed to conventional methods that end up on your vehicle report, which lower the value of your car, and cost more time and money.

At Pro Dent Hail Center of Fort Collins, CO, we accept all forms of insurance! Discover how to get your claims process started below.

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Navigating Your Vehicle Hail Damage Insurance Claims Process

Pro Dent Hail Center is here to make your hail dent repair as quick and painless as possible, starting with helping you navigate the insurance claims process. We recommend photographing the damage extensively prior to contacting insurance or seeking repairs.

First, we offer free evaluations to determine if paintless dent repair is the best option given the severity of your car’s hail damage. Then, we help you file your claim to receive your claim number – a necessary step before we begin your repairs.

If you’re fretting about the claim raising your rates, you shouldn’t need to worry. Most insurance companies consider hailstorms as natural disasters, which falls under the covered category for those who have comprehensive or “full” coverage policies. Comprehensive insurance covers “not-at-fault” incidents unrelated to collisions and will not affect your future rates. However, if you do not have comprehensive coverage or have experienced vehicle hail damage on several occasions, your coverage position or premiums may differ. Your insurance provider is the best resource for determining your coverage.

As for the repairs themselves, depending on the severity of the hail damage your claims adjuster might recommend replacement panels altogether. In several instances such as these, our skilled PDR technicians have been able to fully repair hail damage deemed irreversible. This goes to show that each case of hail damage should be evaluated first by a certified PDR technician. Our ARC Certified Master Hail Repair Technicians have decades of experience in the industry and have fully repaired thousands of hail dented vehicles during their careers.

At Pro Dent Hail Center, we accept all forms of insurance! Discover how to get your claims process started below.

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Whether a hail storm damaged your vehicle or a minor fender bender left a large dent in your vehicle, trust our specialists at Pro Dent Hail Center for expert paintless dent removal from the inside out. Save time and money with the body shop alternative!

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